Outlook for Android managed to get even better. Simple things making a huge difference
RT @TeamLou23: Bought her a company. Told her we not spending money on shoes and luxury until we get that off the ground. She said bet.
RussWes the only player screaming after pull up J's I don't understand
A loading wheel w/ details on hover.. kill those "I clicked. Nothing happened? I'll click again. Ahhh now I have two open" situations
Windows idea: dedicated "something is loading" widget in the taskbar. Transferring files, program taking a while to open, etc.
Hah this is stupid but I'm RTing anyway. Proves you need a library of pics like this on deck for viral promo https://t.co/2t8e8WKmhF
brown line... killing me. The one day I choose relative comfort over the fastest path (red). Universe hands me #repercussions
Also John Wall (or agent) should've signed a 2yr deal & waited for bigger caps. Can't get mad now - that's how guaranteed money works, no?